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20 lakh personal loan without collateral in BRAC Bank!-DailyProbash.com

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20 lakh personal loan without collateral in BRAC Bank!-DailyProbash.com

BRAC Bank has launched a special personal loan ‘Dishari’ for the professionals engaged in the teaching profession. Now teachers working in any educational institution in any part of Bangladesh can easily get this loan facility. Launched for the first time only for teachers in the country, it is a special type of loan product.

As there is no specialized loan for teachers, they often have difficulty in getting loan facility from the financial sector. No collateral will be required to get this loan. Under this facility which can be repaid in five years, loan up to a maximum of Tk 20 lakh can be taken. There are also special interest rates and the fastest processing facility. This will help in meeting any financial need.

Teachers of government, private, MPO registered schools, colleges, universities and English medium schools listed by BRAC Bank can apply for a loan only if they get a minimum salary of Rs 16,000 per month. As BRAC Branc has 16 branches and more than 600 agent banking outlets, teachers will be able to avail these loans from any part of the country.

Interested teachers can find out the details of this loan by visiting their nearest BRAC Branc branch or by calling the call center – 16221 or by going to the link of the bank’s website.

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