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A Dubai expatriate returned home wearing gold pants-DailyProbash.com

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A Dubai expatriate returned home wearing gold pants-DailyProbash.com
A Dubai expatriate returned home wearing gold pants! Seeing such a title, even if the forehead is raised, the facts are real! However, due to different motives, the expatriate was arrested by the Custom House Preventive Team of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka. A passenger named Omar Farooq returned to Dhaka from Sharjah on May 19 at around 5 pm on an Air Arabia flight.

While crossing the Green Channel, Omar Farooq’s luggage was scanned and he was taken to the archway. Scanning found gold inside his luggage. Later, in addition to recovering gold from the pocket of his pants, the luggage of the custom baggage counter was opened and 7 gold bars and 2 gold bars and 98 grams of gold ornaments were found from his worn pants.

Approximate weight of the recovered gold is 1.256 kg. Its current market value is about 93 lakh rupees. Authorities say appropriate action has been taken in the customs law, including criminal cases involving gold and passengers.

Many returned from abroad with gold. Some bring gold bars, some bring gold ornaments. Most of the gold carriers bring these for sale. They were confiscated at the airport due to the extra quantity brought. In many cases, passengers are detained. The case was sent to jail.

According to Bangladesh’s Passenger Luggage Rules-2018, a passenger can carry a maximum weight of 234 grams of gold bar. However, for this, he has to inform the matter of gold by filling the prescribed form of customs as soon as he lands at the airport and pay the duty.

In case of bringing a bar, a fee of Rs.2000 per 11.6 grams has to be paid. However, if anyone weighs more than 234 grams, the customs will seize the gold and the carrier.

Also, if someone crosses the Green Channel with gold without an announcement, it will be considered as smuggling. At that time he will be fined double the amount of duty and duty for evading duty. In this case, the delay in the case may take a long time to get the gold bar. However, passengers will be able to carry the gold bar easily if they pay the prescribed tariffs.

In addition, a passenger can bring a maximum of 100 grams of gold ornaments without paying any duty (duty free facility). However, the number of ornaments will not be more than 12. If someone brings more than 100 grams of gold ornaments, he will have to pay a fee of around 2000 rupees per gram.

However, if the quantity of gold ornaments appears to be unusual or commercial, the customs will seize it. The seized gold ornaments were later returned after paying taxes and fines. However, if the amount of gold ornaments is found to be ‘smuggled’, then the customs will seize them and file a criminal case against the car

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