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According to Hindu rites after marriage in Muslim rites-DailyProbash.com

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According to Hindu rites after marriage in Muslim rites-DailyProbash.com
By organizing big, four hands have become one. The number of invited guests is more than 900.
The light is all around. The whole area is full of invitees.

Talk about the marriage of the eldest daughter of the house! People of the area also gathered to watch the wedding. So far, as simple as 10 more weddings, a unique picture of harmony was captured in the wedding pavilion.

Khaleda and Sujan got married in a Muslim ceremony at the Hindu Basu house in Machlandpur, North 24 Parganas of India.

According to Hindu law, after marriage according to Muslim rules, malabadal is done through uludhbani. Hundreds of guests blessed the newlyweds from witnessing the scene.

When the bride Khaleda Khatun was seven years old; Family without two brothers and six sisters. Everyone’s little Khaleda. After losing her husband, Khaleda’s mother took a job as a maid at Basu’s house in Rajballavpur village of Mashalandpur.

Khaleda also dropped out of school due to lack of money and started working with her mother. Since then, mother and daughter still work as maids in Basu’s house.

However, the Basu family is reluctant to call Khaleda a maid. They see Khaleda as the eldest daughter of the Basu family. He has been working in this Basu house for about 10 years. Now Khaleda has become one of the members of the family. And Sujan Mandal of Ghoshpur in Patur Baduria used to drive the car at Basu’s house.

The wedding party is sitting on one side of the field. On the other hand, Khawadawar Elahi is organized. From snacks to ice cream, from pulses to rice, two kinds of fish, meat and two kinds of sweets are served to the guests.
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