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Air fares are rising

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Air fares are rising
Jet fuel prices have risen again this week.
Air fares have risen due to rising fuel prices.
Even two years ago, the price of fuel was 48 rupees.
Now it has risen to 106 rupees.
Jet fuel prices have risen 122 percent in the last 18 months.
The airfare on the route was 2,500 rupees, it has doubled to 5,000 rupees.

Reviewing the data of Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) in this regard, it is seen that the international price of jet fuel is শ 1.04 per liter.
As such, the price of jet fuel in the international market is now 125-126 rupees per liter. The government is selling at Rs 108 per liter with subsidy.
As a result, there is no possibility of reducing the price of jet fuel if it does not decrease in the international market.
In 2021, the demand for jet fuel was 3 lakh 19 thousand 606 metric tons, which is entirely dependent on imports.

In January this year, the price of jet fuel was 63 rupees per liter.
On February 9, the price was increased by Tk 8 on the pretext of increasing the price in the international market.
On March 7, BPC increased the price from Tk 80 per liter to Tk 6. Later on April 6, Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) increased the price of jet fuel by Tk 13 to Tk 100 per liter.
The last increase was on May 15, 6 more.

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