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All of Corona’s restrictions on travel to Oman were

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All of Corona’s restrictions on travel to Oman were
Oman’s Supreme Committee has announced the lifting of all sanctions against the global epidemic Corona. The Oman News Agency reported on Sunday (May 22nd) that from now on, citizens will no longer need to wear masks in closed and open spaces, including schools, colleges, universities, malls and all kinds of halls in the country.

At the same time, all restrictions on corona have been lifted from all religious places of worship, including mosques. Corona hygiene has also been lifted from the airport. In other words, Oman returned to normal as before. However, if a person wants to read the mask considering his own will and his health condition, then he can read. The government has also lifted the obligation to wear a mask at any gathering or assembly in the country.
The report also said that other restrictions, including physical distance, have been lifted in all mosques and places of worship in the country. So from now on, everyone will be able to perform religious ceremonies in mosques and prayer halls with complete freedom. In addition, everyone under the age of 12 can enter mosques, churches and temples.
Meanwhile, the country’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has announced that it will lift corona hygiene regulations from all airports in the country following the Supreme Committee’s announcement. After this announcement, now there is no need for any insurance or other coroner’s papers to go to Oman from Bangladesh.

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