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Bangladeshi businessmen in the Maldives, the High Commission assures the

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Bangladeshi businessmen in the Maldives, the High Commission assures the

In order to provide comprehensive assistance to the expatriate Bangladeshi traders in importing goods in the Maldives, the service activities of the High Commission have been kept running round the clock. Apart from this, all possible initiatives will be taken to solve the existing problems of the traders.

Bangladesh High Commissioner to Maldives Rear Admiral SM Abul Kalam Azad said this while exchanging views with expatriate Bangladeshi businessmen.

In an exchange of views held in the hall of the High Commission in the capital on Saturday (May 16), expatriate businessmen sought the cooperation of Bangladesh and the Maldivian government through the High Commission in resolving various issues including barriers to import of Maldives to Bangladesh.

The traders said that in order to do business in the Maldives, one has to register the documents in the name of the Maldivian person and get a business license. For this reason, many Bangladeshis cannot do business and even if they start a business, many Maldivian people cheat with these expatriate Bangladeshis.

Mentioning that Maldives is a big trading partner of Bangladesh, the traders said that with the economic development of this country, the purchasing power of the people here is increasing and the appreciation of Bangladeshi people towards Bangladeshi products is increasing. This reality makes it necessary to take steps to reduce trade inequality with the Maldives.

SM Abul Kalam Azad listens attentively to the problems and opinions of the traders. He said at present the bilateral relations between Bangladesh and Maldives are very good. As a result of the two countries’ remarkable diplomatic skills, there have been fruitful discussions with the Maldivian government on expanding the market for Bangladeshi goods in the Maldives, launching direct shipping lines between the two countries for transporting goods, and reducing the cost of transporting goods by air.

He also called upon the business community to work together to enhance trade relations between the two countries and encourage expatriates to send more remittances legally.

The meeting was attended by Sohail Rana CIP, Chairman of Global Rich, a Bangladeshi businessman living in Maldives, Ahmed Mottaki, head of education entrepreneur and Mianj International, Dulal Hossain, Chairman of View Construction, Babul Hossain, Chairman of Dhaka Traders, Hadiul Islam, Chairman of Four L International, R. T Mart Director. Zahirul Islam, businessman Mojibur Rahman were present.

Also the first secretary of the mission (labor.) Said. Sohail Parvez, Third Secretary Mizanur Rahman were present.

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