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Bangladeshis are in trouble to correct the age of passport in Italy

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Bangladeshis are in trouble to correct the age of passport in Italy

The Bangladesh Embassy in Rome is continuing its efforts to correct the passport age of Bangladeshi expatriates in Italy.

This was stated by Bangladesh’s Ambassador to Italy Shamim Ahsan in response to a question regarding age correction in passport on Sunday (May 15).

The passport amendment period announced by the government on April 28 has expired. But still thousands of Bangladeshis are suffering from the problem of age correction of passports.

According to them, if this problem is not solved, it will become legal or illegal. These Bangladeshis are regularly requesting the embassy to correct the age of the current passport.

Asked whether the deadline would be extended, the ambassador said a letter had already been sent to the ministry from the embassy requesting extension of the deadline for accepting applications for age correction in passports.

The embassy is accepting applications for amendments up to a maximum of five years, according to a Home Ministry circular. At present, the embassy is not accepting any passport age application of more than five years.

He said the embassy had so far received about 600 applications for passport amendment till July 1 last year.

He added that the embassy is always ready to serve the expatriates. But when someone tells a little more untruth about age, we have nothing else to do.

Moreover, the image of the country is seen to be tarnished in many cases due to this amendment. It is not right to do whatever you want in the grip of a broker. He urged everyone to be vigilant in this regard.

During the recent visit of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr. Benazir Ahmed to Italy, the IGP paid a courtesy call on Ambassador of Bangladesh Shamim Ahsan. The Ambassador also apprised the Inspector General of Police about the complexities of correcting the passport information of expatriate Bangladeshis among other issues.

Drawing the attention of the Prime Minister, Bhukkabhogi said, “I have come with a lot of trouble. Even if I get validity, I will become invalid again for a passport. If the problem is not solved, our family will be in a lot of danger. ”

They have appealed to the Prime Minister for special consideration.

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