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Barrister Turin was slaughtered on his mobile phone and threatened with

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Barrister Turin was slaughtered on his mobile phone and threatened with
Barrister Turin Afroz has been threatened with death by phone from Oman today (May 19) at 4:15 pm. Barrister Turin Afroz posted the information on his Facebook page. He wrote on Facebook, “00981361745 just called me from Oman and threatened to kill me.”

When Turin Afroz was called in this regard, he told RTV News, ‘I was first called at 4:15 pm and asked, are you Turin Afroz? I answer, yes, I am Turin Afroz. As soon as he introduced himself, he started swearing in vulgar language from the side of the phone. At one point I was threatened with slaughter and death. ‘ Asked if he would take any legal action in this regard, he said, “Of course I am going to take legal action.”It is to be noted that the People’s Commission, headed by its chairman Justice Shamsuddin Chowdhury Manik and member secretary Barrister Turin Afroz, has called for an investigation into the corruption of ‘religious businessmen’ with various information from one thousand madrassas and hundreds of Islamic speakers. They have submitted a white paper on corruption to the Anti-Corruption Commission.A five-member delegation led by People’s Commission Chairman Justice Shamsuddin Chowdhury Manik and Member Secretary Barrister Turin Afroz handed over a white paper and a list of more than 100 suspects to ACC chairman Moinuddin Abdullah on May 12. The list of the people’s commission has 118 names as suspects. The white paper and the list were also submitted to the National Human Rights Commission.

The ‘People’s Commission to Investigate Fundamentalist and Communal Terrorism in Bangladesh’ was formed on the joint initiative of the Committee for the Elimination of the Deadly Brokers of 1971 and the Indigenous and Minority Caucus of the Jatiya

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