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Biden wants to meet Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin

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Biden wants to meet Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin
US President Joe Biden wants to meet with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The US media has reported that the meeting between them may take place next month. Citing several US officials, the report said the Biden administration was in talks with Saudi Arabia to arrange a private meeting. However, the White House did not confirm whether Biden had any plans to meet with the Saudi prince.

Saudi Arabia is currently chairing the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Prince Mohammed bin Salman is the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia. Joe Biden may meet with Mohammed bin Salman during the GCC meeting in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. However, if the meeting is held, it will be a change in the attitude of the US President towards Saudi Arabia. Because Joe Biden came to power and showed a tough attitude towards Saudi Arabia.
Meetings between the leaders of the United States and Saudi Arabia were once considered “routine.” But recent tensions between the two countries have reduced such meetings. So the issue of Joe Biden’s possible meeting with Mohammed bin Salman is gaining importance.
Joe Biden could face criticism in his home country if he meets Mohammed bin Salman. At one point, he sharply criticized the Saudi government for its role in human rights, the war in Yemen, and the assassination of journalist Jamal Khasogi.

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