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Cox’s Bazar’s traditional Ukhia Daroga Bazar is going to lose its tradition.

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Cox’s Bazar’s traditional Ukhia Daroga Bazar is going to lose its tradition.

Cox’s Bazar’s traditional Ukhia Daroga Bazar is going to lose its tradition

Rimon Mehboob Rohit, Cox’s Bazar: Ukhia Daroga Bazar is the only traditional market in Ukhia upazila of Cox’s Bazar. Located in the heart of Ukhia Upazila Sadar, this market is as famous for the region as it is for the expansion of trade and commerce. The long 60/70 year old market is almost always overflowing with buyers. But the remarkable thing is that suddenly the market started collapsing. Losing his long tradition! Business with buyers has started to decline. Numerous buyers who come to this market are rushing to the market located in Kotbazar. Most of the buyers think that the price of the product is less in Kot Bazar than in this market and any product is easily available.

This is due to the fact that most of the local buyers are corrupt, unhygienic market system, extra toll collection, extortion, arbitrary price hike of goods, verbal beatings by the sub-lessee and his forces on the general public, torture and lack of proper supervision of local administration.

It is worth mentioning here that the current lease price of the market, which was leased at Rs 5,000 at one time, stands at around Rs 1.5 crore. Although the market lease price has increased, the correct pricing of the product has not increased, the service has not increased but thousands of problems are going on. In addition, traders are taking the price of almost every product as they wish. The price of almost every product is one and a half times double that of Kotbazar or Kutupalong market.

Asked about the price of the product, some buyers, who did not want to be named, said that the market leaseholders take arbitrary tolls. Some traders have been heard saying that 3/4 people have to pay toll to sell goods in this market. Due to which the market is without buyers. Many raw materials, fish, vegetables, vegetables are spoiled due to not being able to sell at the right time. That is why they are forced to increase the price from the buyers. However, the buyers complained that the sale of substandard goods and extra prices have become a daily occurrence in the Ukhia market. There is no price list in any store. That is why the market is becoming buyerless day by day. Most of the conscious people of Ukhia have expressed doubts about the existence of this market in the near future. The local people expect proper oversight from the local administration, including the Department of Consumer Protection, to protect this traditional market.

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