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Even after the signing of the MoU, workers from Bangladesh cannot go to

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Even after the signing of the MoU, workers from Bangladesh cannot go to
Five months have passed since the signing of the MoU last December, but so far no workers from Bangladesh have been able to go to Malaysia. The grand alliance against Baira Syndicate is blaming the syndicate for not going. The leaders made the allegations at a roundtable meeting held under the banner ‘Baira Syndicate Grand Alliance’ at a five-star hotel in the capital on Saturday (May 21st).

Barrister Anisul Islam Mahmud, chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment, acknowledged in the roundtable meeting that there was an attempt to syndicate to send workers to Malaysia.
However, he said that no decision has been taken officially in favor of the syndicate. Noting that the Prime Minister did not want a syndicate, he said, It didn’t happen because he (the syndicate) didn’t want it, I think. ‘ The government signed a memorandum of understanding in December last year to send workers back to Malaysia after a long hiatus. However, a section of the recruiting agencies has alleged that a cycle of sending new workers is being syndicated again. In the meantime, they are making various demands under the banner of ‘Grand Alliance against Baira Syndicate’. The round table meeting was organized as part of this.

Barrister Anisul Islam further said in the meeting, “So far enough pressure has been exerted to form a syndicate. Because those who are in it are very powerful. ‘ At that time, the manpower exporters’ organization Baira called on both the parties to sit in the meeting and said,

Even after the signing of the MoU, workers from Bangladesh cannot go to Malaysia
Also present on the occasion were Barrister Shamim Haider Patwari, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Parliamentary Caucus on Immigration and Development, AK Azad, former President of FBCCI, Shyamal Dutt, Editor of Bhorer Kagaz, Nur Ali, Former President of Baira, Abul Basar, Former Secretary General Ali Haider Chowdhury. Former Secretary General Reazul Islam, outgoing Secretary General Shamim Ahmed Chowdhury, Chairperson of Center for NRB Sekil Ahmed Chowdhury, BRAC Migration Program Head Shariful Hasan, former Finance Secretary of Baira Fakhrul Islam and other

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