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Expatriates can get into embarrassing situations by asking questions to Bimanbala

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Expatriates can get into embarrassing situations by asking questions to Bimanbala
The airmen serve the passengers with utmost sincerity. From providing water, food, blankets to first aid on long journeys, the pilots try to ensure that there are no defects in the passenger service. However, those who do not fly regularly, they may ask a lot of questions without realizing it. This can be annoying for the pilots, but you can also be in an embarrassing situation.

The embarrassing question is, can I use a first class bathroom? Many people ask this question. They may not know that first class bathrooms are reserved only for those who have booked tickets for first class. Even asking such questions shows one’s stupidity and puts the pilots in an embarrassing situation.
Again, many people want to watch a movie on the front monitor as soon as they get on the plane. You will be able to watch movies or listen to music after giving the necessary instructions regarding flight. And it takes about 10 to 15 minutes. So don’t get on the plane and ask, why the movie is not being shown? You can look at the magazine at the beginning. When the necessary instructions are done, the front monitor will be under your control, then you can listen to the picture or song of your choice. And yes, Wi-Fi service is not available until the plane is fully in the sky. So don’t ask about internet connection while getting on the plane. Be patient, the authorities will tell you when you can use Wi-Fi. Other than that, not all aircraft may have Wi-Fi service. If there is, the airline will tell you.
Also many people go on connecting flights. Connecting flight is the process of changing the plane to reach the destination and boarding another plane. Your connecting aircraft has no contact with the aircraft that you are on. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Because, this issue is not in the hands of Bimanbala. Instead, you should land at the transit airport and talk to the appropriate authorities to resolve the issue.

Again, many people want to give a bounty to Biman Bala, which is firstly against the policy of Biman and secondly, it is insulting to Biman Bala. So if you are impressed with their service or use, give a thank you with a smile, that’s enough.

In addition, many people buy business class tickets but see the business class seats are empty and go and sit there. Again, some people call Biman Bala to pick up the bag, which is not part of their job. You have to carry your own luggage on the plane or if you don’t understand, you can get help from the passenger, but it is better not to make such request to the airmen.

Doctors are on the flight to deal with various physical problems of the passengers. If you feel sick, you can let the pilots know, ask for help. But don’t ask them for medicine by yourself. Because, they don’t have the authority to give medicine and secondly, it is not their job.

You can meet friends or acquaintances on the same flight. In that case, the desire to sit side by side together may arise. In that case, never ask the airmen to change seats. At most you can try it yourself. At your request, if a passenger agrees to change his seat and arrange to go with your acquaintance or friend, then only your expectations will be fulfilled.

Don’t sit back and ask, “Where is the plane now, or where is it flying over?” Because, there is no signboard in the sky, which the airline will answer your question. Wait patiently, because the captain will let you know when you get close or you can see it on the front monitor.

Asking a pen to a flight attendant may seem like a very common question to you. However, it is a very annoying thing for aviators. They often fall into such embarrassing situations. Because, many people want to borrow a pen from them. It is not their job to carry a pen. So avoid doing the things mentioned above to

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