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Flying in the clouds |DailyProbash.com

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Flying in the clouds |DailyProbash.com
The mind in the cold air bus, as if staggering
Girono’s body is satisfied, as if the east wind blows
After the rain, the eyes are flooded with tears
Boy that mourning with a pale face
Swallowing snails in the air, searching, etc.

Dipta Chava gives that excuse the excuse of the abysmal mind
Life is coming again under the clouds
The sound of tin seize that has made the clouds
Life is fascinating.

The amount of water simultaneously holds the tin jam of the house
After the rain, the house was flooded with rice,
The storm will come as soon as the messenger comes
Everything will be blown away, the cancellation of the house will be broken.

The mind is thinking sitting in the lap of the clouds
As if the amount of water is fifteen,
As much sorrow will float away
Bring as much happiness as there are birds.

Get as much as you want
All that feels good, the clouds will give
Living life together with life
The leaves of the tree get back endlessly.

As much as there is pale, it will be washed away today
Clouds will blow away everything in hiding,
The storm will come with the storm, break again
Will be alive in the colors of life.

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