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‘I am proud to convert to Islam’-DailyProbash.com

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‘I am proud to convert to Islam’-DailyProbash.com
I am proud to have embraced Islam. I am a Muslim now.
This is my pride, commented Indian TV actress Deepika Kakar.
Indian media confirmed in an interview to Geo News that he converted to Islam in 2016.
He made this decision based on religious teachings and etiquette, which is correct.

Meanwhile, the Times of India reported that he also changed his name after changing his religion.
She no longer uses the name Deepika Kakar. The new name is ‘Faiza’.
“I have converted to Islam of my own free will,” Faiza told the media. My family also helped me. I did not enter Islam to hurt anyone. I am happy to have made this decision and I am enjoying the new life very much.

After being converted to Islam in 2016, he said, “I am very happy and secure after embracing Islam.”

Life has changed a lot since marriage and I have gained peace of mind as well as happiness. He converted to Islam after studying Islam.

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