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If you have that app, Facebook password will be hacked!

  • Update Time : Saturday, May 21, 2022
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If you have that app, Facebook password will be hacked!
Many people do not save their password to prevent Facebook ID being hacked.
But even if you can maintain privacy through this, there is a risk that all your confidential information will be leaked to the net world by using some apps.
Passwords are very important to protect your Facebook ID.
No matter how secure you keep this password, a software company called Trend Micro thinks it could be leaked.
There are 6 of these apps, which are currently at the top of popularity.
However, these apps are using spyware called Facesteller, through which they are hacking all the personal information of your mobile while using this app.

The 6 most dangerous apps are Daily Fitness OL, a fitness app, Enjoy Photo Editor, Panorama Camera, Swarm Photo, Online Game App Photo Gaming Puzzle, Business Meta Manager and Cryptominar to manage Facebook’s business profile.

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