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Jordan is taking machine operators from Bangladesh in the garment sector-DailyProbash.com

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Jordan is taking machine operators from Bangladesh in the garment sector-DailyProbash.com
The Jordanian government is officially hiring 30 women machine operators from Bangladesh in the garment sector. This information has been informed through a notification on the official Facebook page of Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Ltd. (Boycell) on 19 May.

According to the statement, 30 women workers will be able to go to Jordan as machine operators at low cost. At the same time, the age of the interested applicant should be between 18-30 years. Their salary will be 18 US dollars which is equivalent to 15,500 rupees in Bangladeshi currency.

In this case, the workers can go to Jordan on a 3-year contract. As well as the cost of accommodation, first aid and transportation will be borne by the employer. In addition, the airfare for going to Jordan and returning to Bangladesh after work will be borne by the recruiting officer himself. However, Jordanian labor laws will be followed in case of return before the termination of employment contract.
he notification further states that no person who has a case in the country or in Jordan can apply for the job. The company will bear the service charge of the selected employee to go to Jordan. Employees will pay 1220 rupees for their medical fees and fingerprints in Boise.
Meanwhile, to apply for the job, you need to be physically present at the Bangladesh German Technical Training Center in Dhaka with 4 passport size color photographs, 4 color photocopies of the passport including original passport valid for a minimum of 1 year, own mobile number, 2 mobile numbers of guardian and experience certificate and ID card. It was informed in the notifica

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