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NASA is sending mysterious misinformation from space!

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NASA is sending mysterious misinformation from space!
NASA’s two spacecraft went to take the news of space outside the sun. From one of them, wrong information has been continuously coming to the world for the last several days. Which has deepened the mystery. Because scientists do not understand the reason for this misinformation?

The spacecraft was not found to have mechanical defects. On the contrary, by conducting preliminary experiments, the astronauts have come to know that even if there is no such mechanical defect, misinformation is happening. However, the spacecraft has no difficulty in taking information sent from the earth or sending information to the earth. The goal is to get the wrong information.What is that mistake? According to NASA, the spacecraft is now supposed to be in the middle of the galaxy outside the solar system. Instead, the information from it shows that it has migrated to some other unknown part of the cosmic region. Which is not possible.

The name of that spacecraft is Voyager One. It is the farthest object from Earth outside the solar system. In 1987, NASA sent him to a cosmic space outside the solar system. And now its distance from the earth is 2330 crore kilometers.

NASA scientists say Voyager 2 landed in space several days after Voyager One. It is working well in the cosmic realm. To find out the problem of Voyager One, a special team of NASA astronauts sat down to analyze the data. They said that Voyager One has a lot of control over the Attitude Articulation and control system, and the information from that system does not indicate what is actually going on inside Voyager One.

But is there anything else that is causing Voyager One’s distortion? Scientists say that spacecraft have to go through many adverse conditions in the cosmic region. It can be a problem for him too. Source: Anandabazar Patrika

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