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Passengers say the quality of service at the airport is good -DailyProbash.com

  • Update Time : Monday, May 23, 2022
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Passengers say the quality of service at the airport is good -DailyProbash.com

Passengers say service quality at the airport is good: State Minister for Aviation

State Minister for Civil Aviation and Tourism has instructed those concerned not to harass passengers in the name of interrogation at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka. Mahbub Ali.

He gave the instructions in an exchange of views with journalists after visiting the airport at noon on Monday (May 23).

The Minister of State for Aviation said, “We have come here today to see if the management of the airport, passenger service and everyone else is working properly.” We see these all the time. We have a team in the ministry. Ministry people stay here three days a week. They see if there is any kind of situation. “We talked to the passengers here right in front of you,” he said. They say the quality of service is good. They have no problem with immigration.

The Minister of State for Stopping Harassment of Passengers said that if there is any suspicion while performing duty at the airport, do it only to those who need to be checked. We have about 21,000 passengers coming and going every day. If everyone had to face a check, it would not be conducive to passenger service. I have talked to the Home Minister about this. Talked to immigration authorities. Every passenger should not be questioned. Harassment is not done. They will interrogate those whom they deem necessary. If necessary, ask them separately. Come here today to observe these activities.

“We had a trolley crisis,” he said. That is no more. I have installed many close circuit cameras so that there is no problem in the luggage belt. We went to Toronto on March 26. Efforts continue to be made to make Toronto flights easier and passenger service easier by next June. A team from the United States came over the security. They are very happy.

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