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Suddenly Vladimir Putin in Bangladesh!

  • Update Time : Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Suddenly Vladimir Putin in Bangladesh!
Russian President Vladimir Putin has visited Bangladesh by train!
Last Tuesday, he traveled from Rajshahi to Dhaka on the Dhumketu Express. At a time when the whole world is worried about the Ukraine-Russia conflict, Putin came to Bangladesh and traveled secretly by train, which no one even knew about!
What are you wondering? Now let’s come to the real thing.
On the 10th of this month, the name of Vladimir Putin was written on the ticket of a passenger of the Dhumketu Express from Rajshahi to Dhaka.
He traveled in AC ‘B’ class in ‘B’ bogie.
The price of the ticket is 2,446 rupees. The ticket was canceled on May 7.

Pictures of this train ticket went viral on social media Facebook. Former Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Railways Mahbub Kabir Milon has posted about this on Facebook.
He also gave a long post on the subject.
Which has already gone viral.

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