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The country’s first digital city is now floating!

  • Update Time : Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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The country’s first digital city is now floating!
In 2020, Sylhet metropolis was declared as the first ‘digital city’ of the country. Underground power lines, specialized cameras to identify criminals and free WiFi services across the city were launched in Sylhet. However, in the midst of so many floods, most of the areas of this first digital city of the country have gone under water.
A banana raft is running on the road, which is called ‘Vora’ in Sylheti language. People have been seen traveling in banana rafts in the Ghasitula area of the city to carry out emergency work.

Besides, in the elite area of the city, Shahjalal suburb, many people are getting out in plastic boats as they cannot get out by car.
Many people are still walking on the road with such boats.

Wajiha Mahmud Afrin, a schoolgirl from Ghasitula area of the city, saw the banana raft and said that the banana raft is now running in the digital city of the country.

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