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The dollar has fallen in the open market

  • Update Time : Thursday, May 19, 2022
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The dollar has fallen in the open market
The dollar has depreciated slightly in the open market in the last two days.

However, in the open market, dollars are still being bought and sold at a much higher price than the price fixed by Bangladesh Bank.

Information has been found that he visited various money exchanges in Dhaka and talked to traders involved in buying and selling dollars.

Last Monday, the dollar price was set at Tk 7.50 from Bangladesh Bank.
The day after Bangladesh Bank set this price, for the first time in the open market, the price per dollar went up to 102 rupees.
At the same time, there was a crisis of dollar in the market.

In the last two days, the dollar has depreciated in the open market after this unusual rise in prices.
On Thursday (May 19), the dollar was reported to be trading at 96 to 98 rupees in the open market.
The traders are selling at this price but they are buying from the common people at 96 to 98 rupees 59 paise.

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