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The trend of using private jets has

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The trend of using private jets has
Commercial air travel was closed for a long time due to restrictions on the transmission of the novel coronavirus.
But even then the world’s richest and largest businessmen used the airspace.
Many have traveled by private jet to ensure their safety.
Due to this, the number of trips on private planes has started increasing since the beginning of the epidemic.

According to the BBC, some people have their own jets but many have chosen to rent a jet.
There is no risk of infection, just as there is no risk of using a busy airport.
As a result, wealthy citizens of the developed world are now using these aircraft to transport themselves and their family members.

Private jets are usually luxurious.
Recently, Air Taxi has been launched with this luxurious experience.
The rental facility was already in operation. For two years in a row, when the airspace was closed, the world’s richest and biggest businessmen traveled safely on private jets.

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