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The young woman protested naked on the red

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The young woman protested naked on the red
The biggest film festival in the world is the Cannes Film Festival.
The 65th edition of this festival, which started in 1948, has a fair of celebrities from different countries of the world.
Producers, actors, journalists, producers, stars and only film fans have already appeared from different countries.

Invited guests catch the eye of the world by walking on the red carpet.
This time a young woman protested against the rape naked on the red carpet.
Although the name of the young woman who appeared naked was not found, it has been confirmed that she is Ukrainian.

It is learned that the young woman appeared while the stars of ‘Three Thousand Years of Longing’ were walking on the red carpet. He took off his clothes.

Then he started running on the red carpet. He was later removed by security personnel. However, everyone present was surprised by the suddenness of this incident.

Written on the upper part of the young woman’s body – ‘Stop raping us.’ The flag of Ukraine was painted in yellow and blue on the chest.
There was blood on his feet.

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