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Uber in the capital of tea in digital Bengal-DailyProbash.com

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Uber in the capital of tea in digital Bengal-DailyProbash.com

Uber in the capital of tea in digital Bengal

Whale Merchant, Moulvibazar Representative: Employment in the country and in every district and upazila has now spread to the ‘gig economy’. In that light, Uber Ride Sharing will have to be judged first.

Gig economy is a kind of part-time job system. Many organizations do not hire permanent staff but hire some specialist staff on special terms for a short period of time. They may not have time to work. The staff works according to the demand at the specified time. Maybe in the morning he gave a lecture at a university, in the afternoon he worked on the Uber app for a few hours, in the evening he worked outsourcing for a while. This is the gig economy. Every work of the staff is respected by all in the society. The staff is happy. Income is high. He also has more freedom of work.

According to a survey conducted in Moulvibazar district, the people of the district are citing unemployment as their problem and the second problem is transportation. The Uber Ride Sharing system is helping to solve these two problems. Many young people now have part-time jobs and adequate income. On the other hand, the hassle of traveling to rural and urban areas is decreasing. The cost of travel in ride sharing is also affordable. That’s why Uber is being added to the list of favorites.

To make the Uber Ride Sharing Policy more acceptable to all, Uber wants to hear from the general public for necessary corrections or suggestions across the district.

I kept hearing how many people were talking while sitting in a tea shop in the district. At that moment I was talking about the story among my friends. One is telling another that I called a CNG-powered autorickshaw that day. How far is Srimangal from Moulvibazar? He wanted to pay 250 rupees to go to the destination. I said, you can go to Uber for 1 km for 8 rupees. The autorickshaw driver said, OK 200 rupees. Later he said to himself, “Brother, I too will join Uber.” Passengers are also happy, driver and happy. Profits are also high. I don’t like quarreling over rent anymore. ‘
The government is talking about digital Bangladesh, this new Uber ride sharing system in transport is its benefit.

The government understands the importance of continuing the ride-sharing system. So the government wants this system to work.

Keeps all information of passenger ride sharing in the interest of safety. There are data security and storage arrangements. Storing all the information on the server and keeping the information safe in case of any untoward incident.

More noteworthy here is that all those who are working are young. Lots of dreams in their eyes. It seems that developed Bangladesh is in their hands. This is the religion of youth.

Ride sharing can be a dialogue between vehicle owners, passengers and representatives of all concerned.
Uber ride sharing company could revolutionize e-transport in the district. It is our duty to take it forward quickly.

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